Thursday, 28 August 2014

Models Direct Eyeliner Tips

Models Direct Eyeliner Tips

Getting the most from your modelling eyeliner!

Models Direct
Models Direct
A professional eyeliner can liven your eyes and look absolutely stunning, readying you for a big day photo shoot or an exclusive party. No matter if your outfit, lipgloss and blush are perfect, bad eyeliner will ruin your look. That’s why it’s so important that you put that little bit of extra effort in when doing your eyeliner. Don’t worry if you’re not all that good at it or don’t have a steady hand, like everything eyeliner is all about practice. To get you started, here are some tips that Models Direct love.

Make it Thick
This trick really does make your eyes stand out while allowing them to be mysterious too. It also really accentuates your mascara so your lashes look lovely and long.

Smudge it
Apply your usual coat of eyeliner and smudge it around the edges. It creates a daring and bold look which is completely effortless but looks fabulous all the same, a favourite with today's teen models.

Use Colour
You wouldn’t believe all the colours eyeliner comes in now, there are countless ones to choose from. You can even match them to your clothes or an accessory you’re wearing. It’s time to start experimenting!

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Friday, 1 August 2014

Models Direct Reviews

Models Direct Reviews

Models Direct pride themselves on getting their clients the best modelling placements. Here are two female modelling testimonials from real people in their own words. To find out more aboutModels Direct follow them on Twitter and Models Direct on Facebook. 

Charlene Beck


I was booked to star in a video for Medmerry Park, a holiday park company based near Chichester, West Sussex. I was filmed going over a bridge in my wheelchair at the holiday park to a bungalow, where I was greeted by two other models and their model children and we discussed our 'holiday' together.

The next scene I was filmed going up a ramp into one of the bungalows. This was the first time I had been filmed, therefore I have learned a new skill and this has given me more confidence. I enjoyed the experience and would recommend signing up to Talent Management to other aspiring models.

Laura Mason

Laura really enjoyed today. She was excited beforehand at the prospect of playing the big sister in a family, especially as at home she is a little sister.

Medmerry Park is a lovely site and the weather helped make the photo shoot go really well. It was a great first experience for Laura who has acted before, but never posed for still photos.  It was such a different and unique experience for Laura, which will give her confidence for the future.

We joined Talent Management on the recommendation from friends who thought Laura would love modelling work - they were right.  Thank you!