Wednesday, 24 September 2014

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Clean away the Calories with Models Direct

models direct
Models Direct
Burning a few calories can be a great boost for self-esteem and morale. Models Direct know that it doesn't always have to be difficult to do either. The average female requires 1500-2000 calories per day to stay healthy and there’s no reason to starve yourself trying to get a perfect female modelling figure. Keeping active and avoiding saturated fats whilst keeping to five-a-day or more will work wonders for your body and mind. 

Spend a lot of time on the phone? If you are constantly being called by modelling agencies for new jobs then get away from your desk or sofa and walk around the house while on the phone. By doing this, an hour on the phone turns into an hours walk every day!

Cleaning! The word makes most of us sigh but it can be a great way to stay active. An hour of hovering for example uses twice as many calories as an hour of walking. Do a little bit a few times a day, combined with keeping on top of the dusting and the mountain of shoes in the wardrobe and you’ll keep those calories cycling in the right direction. Turn your stereo up, open the windows, and picture yourself as the latest star of modelling, or perhaps like Mrs Doubtfire, as you get on top of the house.

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